Friday, May 6, 2011

Another day at the center.

New sign

Today was a pretty average day here at the center. Our first baby wood bison was born! We were all pretty excited. The baby Musk Ox is doing very well so far and has been walking around with it's mom. We had a school group from Winterberry come today. We had done the bones and fur program with them a few weeks ago. It made me feel good that alot of the kids remembered my name and as soon as they saw me walking out to come greet them a few of them called out " Hi Ms. Amelia!" Made my day. After the school group and taking care of the kids I got to help out with the cleaning of the bear pond. EWWW! It was nothing but bear "POOP" sludge. It was gross. It felt good to get it done though and to do some physical labor. I did smell for quite a bit though.

Me cleaning the bear's pond

 I came home, ate, and went for a short run. That's about it.

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