Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Ma-ham.

Well as you all know, today was Mother's Day. The center celebrates it by having a "free day". We had quite a crowd today. There were cars lined up out to the road to get in, people not only driving bumper to bumper through the center, but walking as well. It was kinda crazy but it was also good to see everyone out with their families enjoying our animals. Me and Erin had the amazingly fascinating job of sitting at the brown bear enclosure all day and making sure that no one did anything stupid like sticking their hands through the fence and trying to pet them or something along those lines.

Visitor patrol
 It was windy and cold! We took breaks sitting in the truck to warm up. It was a long day and by the end of it we were both kinda delirious. It was so crowded that Kuma decided to climb one of the Cottonwood trees in his enclosure.

 We had yet another baby Wood Bison today probably another one tomorrow. And for some reason there were alot of planes that flew over today.

 After everyone left Jeremy decided it was a good idea to back Totanka ( that's what we named the Yukon) into a ditch. Mike came with the front loader and pulled it out though so all is well.  

Jeremy's mishap

Cummins Power!!

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