Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Snickers Presentation!!

On the way to Anchorage, gorgeous day!
So today was not only the last day for Snickers, the porcupine, to be in the spot light at the schools but today also marked the very last of all of our school programs. Yeah!!! :) Me and Erin were so re-leaved.

And so was Snickers by the looks of it. After three programs at Abbott Loop Elementary we headed home. 

View from the gas station in Girdwood on the way home.
I got some news that was hard to cope with tonight in regards to my grandma and her cancer. Instead of joining everyone else on a hike I decided to stay behind at the center. I just needed some alone time. I pulled myself together and decided to go for a short run. When I started walking down the road at the center I saw Mike messing with the fence to the elk enclosure. He called me over and I helped him move the elk to another enclosure. I spent a good part of my evening riding around on the front of the four wheeler chasing the moose, and elk. It was alot of fun. It helped get my mind off of things and it also felt good to get a lil muddy. The only thing was I had on my running pants and tennis shoes so now my shoes are covered in mud but mostly elk poop sludge. Gotta love it. Once we were done I went for a short run and sat at the point for a while and soaked in the Alaskan atmosphere. Whenever I am upset about something the outdoors, no matter where I may be, has always been that one thing that I turn to to make me feel better. There is a sense of calmness when you actually decide to stop an observe nature. Everything continues to go about it's business oblivious to what is going on in my life or the entire world for that matter. Sitting there looking up at the mountains, with their peaks hidden amongst the clouds, and across the Turnagin Arm, I realized how small I really am. 

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