Saturday, May 7, 2011


It was kinda windy here at the center today but it wasn't raining or overcast so I won't complain. Me and Erin did the usual drive around this morning and spotted yet another Wood Bison calf. That makes #2! and guess what else? There is another Musk Ox baby too! So that was cool.

We did the usual monitoring of the brown bear enclosure. We have to start walking the perimeter of their enclosure now to make sure that they are not trying to dig out underneath the fence.



 So today I decided to actually fix my hair a little bit, actually care what my make up looked like, and I threw on a pair of earrings for good measure. I was throwing cantaloupes to the bears and a lady looked over at me and yelled at me for feeding the animals. Ha ha. I guess I didn't look like a scruffy animal keeper for once. I don't know. We cleaned out the chickens pin, Julie's ( the Black-Tailed Sitka Deer) pin and trimmed up the Cottonwoods by the drive way.
Tree trimmin

 Me and Mike Thomas ran to Girdwood to get water and also to see if my I pod came in! It did and I am sending it back. I got it off of E bay. I'm just going to get a brand spankin new one and call it a day. 

The elk licking their chops after we gave them some spinach.

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