Monday, May 30, 2011

No internet + sickness = no blog posts.

Well, it has been a little while since I last wrote. We didn't have internet for a few days and I am just now getting over an illness.

I do not know how I got sick or exactly what it was. It hit me like a brick wall. After throwing up all night and having intense stomach aches, my fellow intern Vanessa convinced me to go to the doctor. A shot, and over 22 hrs of sleep later, I am feeling much better! Still kind of weak though. Many thanks to Vanessa for staying up with me and driving me to Anchorage :)

Anyways, back to what is going on at the center. We got a moose calf a few days ago. He is as cute as a button! He is doing very well, and has to be fed many times a day. We have all been taking turns.

The Center has been steadily getting busier and busier. I love talking to all of our visitors, I have met a lot of interesting people working here. The Mosquito population is also at an all time high. They are horrible!! I am covered head to toe in bites. I can look out of the kitchen window and see them hanging on the screen. The only thing that seems to keep them at bay is wind. Other than that not even repellent helps that much.

Since I last wrote I have been on a hike at Johnson's Pass and a tour of the Portage Glacier. They were both really fun. Other than that it has pretty much been the same ol' routine. I have been doing a lot more bus tours they are pretty fun. I like getting to talk on a microphone, makes me feel kinda important.

Johnson's Pass

Portage Glacier Tour

Kelly took all of us with her Hooligan fishing the other night. We were not allowed to fish because only resident of Alaska are allowed to. It was still cool to go and see a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Adonis, our eagle, will be very thankful that we went as this is one of his favorite meals.
Hooligan Fishing 

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