Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ok, so I know I have only done a few entries and that I haven't written in quite a while BUT I am going to try and do better. I'l try to bring you up to date. This moth has been a blur do to how busy we have been staying with all of our school programs. Sadly, we only have two more days of programs left in Anchorage. We will now be starting our school tours here at the center. Fun stuff!

We got treated to a whale watching tour last week. It was AWESOME! We did not see any whales but we did see sea lions, sea otters ( my favorites), and some cool birds too. We had a good time and met a couple of cool guys who worked on the boat. 

Almost forgot, we also went to the Sea Life Center before we went on the tour. It was soooo cool! I wish I worked there too. So we had an amazing time in Seward to say the least. 

Last night we had the opportunity to help clip Chimo, the Moose, hooves. It made my day! How many
people can say that they've done that?! That's pretty much all of the high lights. 

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