Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Bones and Fur!!

So today was our last day doing our Bones and Fur program. We went to Sand Lake elementary in
Anchorage and did four programs. It was a long day but like always, really fun. Something that happened before we even got to the school, was a moose crossing the four-lane highway right as we got to town. Soooo cool!

Me holding a Sitka Black Tailed Deer skull

Anyways, all of the classes were really well behaved and our last class was a Japanese emergent class. The kids could speak and write Japanese. Very impressive! My favorite question of the day was how I got my job working with the center. I love sharing my story about how I got here. I am living proof that dreams do come true and I want to encourage anyone to follow theirs too!

Answering questions

Me passing out clue cards.

Once we got home back at the center me and Erin fed the animals. And we got the news about a new addition to our Musk Ox herd. While we were waiting for the quail to un-thaw for the owls, we drove down to their enclosure to see it. I never really got a good look at it but it was still alive which was good. Musk Ox tend to be very aggressive and are known to be bad mothers sometimes as well.

The Baby is the dark spot by the log
 The baby was getting picked on by another cow and we were told by one of the guys that works at the center who was trying to distract the cow away from the baby by throwing fruit, that she had tossed the calf in the air a few times already. They are so dangerous to go in with that we can not intervene. I hope that it does okay. Time will tell.

After taking care of the "kids" and grabbing a bite to eat a few of us decided to go on a short hike to the Byron Glacier. It was a nice way to end the day.

This is where snow slide off of the mountain and over a creek.

The glacier
The snow on the trail was so deep that it was kind of difficult to walk. Snow shoes would have been a great help. Too bad none of us had any! 

Well, goin to get ready to for bed. Have three Snicker's (the porcupine) presentations tomorrow. I'l let you know how they go.  

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